Dr. Razvi is a versatile nuclear technology professional with decades of experience across the scientific, policy, regulatory and economic spectrum of the industry, including leadership positions in international program management, business and proposal development. 

In his long career with the global technology innovations company General Atomics (GA), a world leader in nuclear fission and fusion, and over its 60+ year history, has earned its reputation for successfully taking concepts to reality. Here, his accomplishments have encompassed engineering, program management and business development for multiple fission technologies. His expertise covers design, licensing, construction, operation and utilization of nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel facilities and related systems. This has included:

  • A leadership role in major initiatives to develop intellectual property and establish domestic production of critical medical isotopes, an issue which is now drawing attention from the U.S Congress, Department of Energy as well as with industrial partners.
  • Management of a joint U.S.-Russia program sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Agency and the Russian Federation-Rosatom, to develop advanced modular GEN-IV gas-cooled reactor technology. The program called for, in part, balancing technology transfer to Russia with the key, high-risk application for this technology codified in bilateral treaties requiring disposal of plutonium from dismantled nuclear weapons in Russia.
  • Part of the leadership team for developing solutions for safe and efficient transport of used nuclear fuel.

Previously, Dr. Razvi had directed GA’s worldwide activities related to its renowned TRIGA®  non-power training, testing and research reactor facilities, with a fleet of 66 installations in 23 nations. This included  oversight of business development, project managers, as well as teams carrying out design, engineering fabrication and installation of the reactor and support facilities. He took on this role after serving as Director of GA’s own operating nuclear facilities, overseeing operation of the research reactor facilities, an electron-beam facility and related nuclear fuel manufacturing. In 2007, he led the team that brought  on-line the world’s newest research reactor in the Kingdom of Morocco. Earlier in his career, Dr. Razvi’s work focused on quality control and strategic special nuclear materials management in nuclear fuel fabrication plants.

He is currently a Senior Fellow with the Washington DC based US Nuclear Industry Council, where he advises and supports their nuclear technology advocacy initiatives.

Dr. Razvi earned his PhD in nuclear engineering from Kansas State University, and a Master’s, also in nuclear engineering from the University of Washington. His undergraduate degree is in liberal arts from Wabash College, Indiana, with a major/minor in physics and mathematics.