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Applications of Nuclear Technologies


    In addition to powering the electric grid as a carbon-free energy source, sources of radiation provide a wealth of other peaceful benefits for scientific research, industrial applications and nuclear medicine. With decades of experience, gained through a variety of projects and initiatives with non-power research and test reactors, accelerators and other radiation generating devices, we are able to leverage this experience to assist you in navigating your ideas through the design, analysis and regulatory processes, and the implementation of your desired application.

Radioisotopes in Nuclear Medicine


  From production of the radioisotope Mo-99 to derive Tc-99m - a workhorse for millions of diagnostic imaging procedures performed each year - to the development of production techniques for other isotopes required for the emerging market of “Targeted Alpha Therapy,” radioisotopes have been and continue to be a central player in nuclear medicine. Mo-99 production continues to rely on an aging, wasteful infrastructure, so both governmental and industry efforts are focused on newer technologies that can meet worldwide demands for conducting millions of procedures each year. The application of specific radionuclides as an advanced form of cancer therapy that targets advanced or metastatic tumors is receiving renewed interest both from a standpoint of production and drug administration.

Production of all these radionuclides can be done with non-power nuclear reactors as well as various types of particle accelerators, coupled with radiochemistry techniques to extract the isotope of interest. Every technique requires special attention in their design for radiation safety,  appropriate irradiation facilities, and obtaining required  regulatory approvals.  We can leverage our experience with the design and licensing of irradiation facilities to support your needs in the production of these critical radioisotopes. 

Next Generation Nuclear Power Technologies


  Currently deployed gigawatt class nuclear power reactors have been a mainstay worldwide supporting carbon free power generation since the 1960s. Since the turn of the century, advanced nuclear technologies (GEN-IV and beyond), which better serve the new, diverse power generation technologies - from the use of smaller, modular designs that can be sized to meet specific power needs and at the same time provide grid stability - to r micro-grid designs that are particularly useful for remote site applications, are expected to be the key to addressing the escalating global warming crisis. We have experience with the design and licensing support for such technologies that currently are in various phases of development. We can leverage that experience in a variety of ways to support your efforts from concept to deployment.

Laying the Foundation for Beneficial Uses of the Atom

With the bold promise to develop peaceful uses of nuclear technology, the threat of atomic warfare gave way to the promise of a peaceful atom, one that can provide limitless benefits to mankind. Since that time, President Eisenhower’s vision has made great strides for providing safe, clean power generation, and improving the lives of millions of people through diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as countless other uses of nuclear technology.

We at Canopus Energy stand ready to assist and contribute in our small way, with the pursuit of the “Atoms for Peace” ideal.


Atoms for Peace